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  • Gis Val

    Compendium 3 cover??

    April 11, 2014 by Gis Val

    Okay, so the covers of Compendium 1 and 2 has both followed the same trend: 5-6 of the main characters in the upper row, who then appear reflected zombified and in the lower row. I just want to know which characters everybody thinks are going to appear on the cover for Compendium 3.

    Characters I'm sure will appear on the cover:

    Rick: He's the main character, he has appeared on the last two covers, and he is the leader of the army in the fight against Negan - which takes up at least 5/8 of the compendium. Plus, he might get a hook hand if he survives, and that would be cool to see.

    Jesus: He is Rick's new right hand man, and the two previous right hand men (Tyreese and Abraham) has both appeared on a cover. He is also the most important of the…

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  • Gis Val

    He is unnamed, so far. Shall he be named "Brianna's Son" or "Unnamed Hilltop Resident 3"? I'm knew to the wiki, so i'm not sure.

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