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    Ahhello! The wiki's best admin here coming at ya with a DOUBLE TROUBLE review blog. Anyway, without further ado... LETS REACT!

    This issue was pretty bad, not 166 bad, mind you, but bad. We get Eugene's group on the road, talking and what not, all very exciting I assure you. We get Rick telling Jesus to keep an eye on Dwight, probably a good idea since he's obviously going to become a villain. Gotta be honest I was never a big fan of Dwight, he's kinda overrated imo, but this is just a bad direction for him, it's completely out of left field and forced as fuck, also he suddenly sees Negan as a "necessary evil" LOL where did that come from? The dude's entire character was always "GRR NEGAN BAD I H8 NEGAN" Now I personally think Negan is a far…

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