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What if Lizzie -

By now it's been largely speculated that Lizzie Samuels is an adaptation of Ben (Comic Series). As us comic book readers know - Ben is responsible for butchering his brother, Billy (Comic Series).

Lizzie has been showing some psychological issues such as sympathy for the Walkers, playing with Glenn's blood, nearly suffocating Judith, etc. etc. It's also now speculated that she's the one who fed the rats to the Walkers, opened up the rats in the Tombs, and possibly even killed Karen and David (Carol would cover for her).

People would also believe that since she follows Ben's story, she might end up killed her sister, Mika Samuels. However, what if Lizzie kills Judith?

Think about it, she plays with dead animals and butchers/studies them with no intent on eating them (hallmark signs of a serial killer). And many people, like myself, are peeved that Judith survived (huge deviation from the comics). And when the Walkers were nearby and Judith was crying, she nearly suffocated Judith. And not by childish accident. The look in Lizzie's eyes was horrific and intent. For the sake of survival (and the fact that Judith is defenseless) Lizzie will kill Judith.

Because of this, Judith will die as her comic book counterpart, leading Rick and Carl to evolve like the comic counterpart because of her death. A huge debacle within the group will lead to whether or not they should kill Lizzie, leading to Carl killing her out of safety (to his comic book part) and out of revenge as well.

I was hoping Lizzie would be a nice replacement for Sophia so Carl can be with some kid his own age, but this could lead to Mika being the replacement to Sophia.

What do you think?

Do you think Lizzie will kill Judith?

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Do you think Lizzie will kill Mika?

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Do you think Lizzie fed the Walkers, opened the rats, and killed Karen and David?

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