I got to thinking about the show and the comics. Obviously the TV show has deviated a numerous amount of times - whether it be a story arc, a character, an event, a personality, anything. I also got to thinking that some of them were good - some of them were bad. So - I got to thinking of the best and worst deviations from the comics. Here are mine:

Top 5 Best Deviations from the Comics:

  • Carol's character - Carol's character in the TV show is one of the best there is. She's well acted, well rounded, well written and has evolved for the better. Comic Carol was nice but she was too weak and selfish when it came to love. And when her death came - she was rather annoying.
  • Sophia's death - Even in the comics Sophia is going nowhere. Kirkman either needs to build her up like Carl or kill her off already. That being said - Sophia's search and death changed each and everyone of our characters. Including Rick and Carol. All the characters present in that scene went from where they were in Season 1 to where they are now in the show.
  • Shane's added story - Shane was a comic book character killed too soon. He was very interesting and to see the show elaborate on his character and evolution was great. I hated him - but in a good way. He made for a better antagonist and his descent into insanity and betrayal was done much better.
  • Lori's death - What can I say, it was more emotional, more shocking, more unexpected. She died before she could even get to the mid-season finale. Her sacrifice to endure a painful death, leave Carl, Rick, and Judith behind so that the baby can live was a great, rebounding moment for her. Her character was a bad deviation as she went from a loving and supportive wife and mother to a vindictive, manipulative, hypocritical whore - so her early death was also a plus.
  • Sasha's character - Some are mixed about Sasha's character. I like her - I like her more than Julie. Julie was the Beth of the comics - hardly around, babysitter, boy troubles, and suicidal. Sasha - on the other hand, is strong, independent, funny, caring, and loving for her brother. Her sibling relationship is better and more complex than the parental relationship.

Top 5 Worst Deviations from the Comics:

  • Dale killed - Dale's death was not only too soon but hugely unnecessary. Originally, DeMunn left the show following Darabont's departure. Sadly, DeMunn recanted and wanted back on the show. We had a chance to have Dale back - but AMC got greedy and stayed with killing him off. His death was not as monumental as the comics, his relationship with Andrea hardly rekindled, and his death made all the TV viewers hate Carl.
  • Andrea - Quite possibly considered the worst deviation. Andrea is what Sasha and Carol are in the show times 10. What we got? A dumb, ignorant, slut who has poor taste in men. Andrea had emotions but she was never PMSing 24/7. She was always on Rick's side. Aside from Dale, Rick is the only man in his life. Not Shane. No the Governor. Andrea never went to Woodbury on the Governor's side. And when she knew the truth she return to the prison nor kill him until it was too late. My breaking point is when she didn't trust Michonne's instincts in Woodbury and leave with her. It upsets me that we will never get TV Andrea like Comic Andrea and with Rick.
  • Daryl - There was a time in which I liked Daryl. He was the lone wolf who caused trouble and cared about his brother. He then dedicated himself to the group and developed a relationship with Carol. He then became a productive leader of the group while maintaining his relationships with Rick, Carol, and Merle. Season 3 is when I did not like Daryl anymore. His fans became more than annoying and ridiculous, he became The Walking Dead cash cow and appeared on every media even though it should be Rick and Carl - and his story died after Merle died - who was way more interesting.
  • CDC Plot Line - The CDC plot line could've been better if a). there were more scientists and b). the building didn't explode. The bullshittery that was ONE scientist left in the CDC HQ is beyond me - and the CDC would NOT explode. What would've been better is if the power went out and the Walkers invaded it - forcing the people out. Besides, the only reason the CDC was in the story was because it had a scientist confirm the virus was in everyone.
  • Judith kept alive - need I say more.

What are your favorite/least favorite deviations from the comics in the TV show?