So if you haven't heard recently, the media from within The Walking Dead has exploded because a character's "sexuality is at stake!" Since a fan wrote to Kirkman about the similarities between Paul "Jesus" Monroe and Daryl Dixon (even though Paul Monroe is a way better character and totally different than Daryl Dixon) - he brought up the possibility of Daryl's sexuality. Since Daryl has never really mentioned a past relationship with a girl or has embraced the advances made by Carol and Beth, that Daryl could be gay much like Jesus Monroe is. Kirkman said it was a possibility.

Even since then, media news sites, TWD forums, Facebook posts, have been bringing this possible revelation to light, bringing up the distinct possibility that Daryl is gay. And I must tell you, as a gay man, it literally tears at my soul to see so much hatred and homophobia within The Walking Dead fandom.

Actual comments made on the subject:

"Please don't make Daryl a token gay guy. Every show does not have to have a gay guy."

"not that I have anything against fruitcakes, but he's way too manly to suck a golf ball out of a garden hose."

"im all for equal rights but must we have a token gay human on every show :("

"no one has ever asked if he is gay really this every show now needs a gay person in it is getting annoying"

"Christ, whey the hell does Hollywood have to make EVERYTHING political?"

"Please don't Rainbow Daryl, May we have 1 great show with no Gay people, TY"

"Why bring sex into a show that has nothing to do with sex or sexual situations? Leave the show alone!! Why try to change something when it's this awesome?? The only relationship anyone gives a hoot about is Glen and Maggie. Just let him be Daryl!!!"

"Let's ruin the show by using it as a means to propagate liberal left wing political agenda."

"Stop shoving this Gay agenda down our throats...My goodness!!!!!"

This was all on a Facebook post for Cinema Blend. The worst part was that all of these comments got dozens to hundreds of "likes" with hundreds of replies agreeing with them. This is so hard to see. All of this supported ignorance. People claim that it's "the gay liberal agenda ruining shows by forcing it in their faces" when there have been hundreds of straight characters. Like I said, I think Daryl is an overrated character who is just a cash cow, but this is why we need more revenant, non-stereotypical gay characters. There is no "gay" or "liberal agenda" because it's called representation - because SHOCKER… GAY PEOPLE EXIST! And not all of them are singing cliches on Glee. And not to mention if anyone's sexuality is being thrown at our faces, it's heterosexuality. It just pains me to see this much intolerance. They are talking about me and millions of others who struggle with their lack of rights and human decency because of assholes like this.

I honestly can't wait until the show introduced Aaron, Eric, Jesus, and Alex. However, if AMC dodges the bullet by making Aaron and Eric and Jesus and Alex not gay or made in any horrible sense, I will quit the show. I really get the feeling that AMC will dodge it to avoid controversy, because people being torn apart and dismembered by zombies, people getting shot, pregnant women getting gutted for their babies, and children being killed like Old Yeller is no biggie but a gay male character is just crossing the line!

Screenshots of Facebook replies (THIS IS ONLY FACEBOOK):