TheSpoilingDead has revealed that The Walking Dead has started building a wall around a neighborhood within Senoia, Georgia. Not only does it look like the Alexandria Safe-Zone but they are also building a church-clock tower like the one that was outside of the Safe-Zone. Not only will they be shooting in Georgia for the Washington D.C. plot line, I don't even think they are going to try and pretend to be Washington D.C. I'm pretty sure Eugene will spill the beans as they are in Georgia and only then will Aaron recruit them.

I don't know how to feel about this. Washington D.C. isn't TOO prevalent in the comics (at least the city isn't) but I still wished they went there. It's nice knowing that the storyline will be in Season 5 (the set is to be finished in September when they resume shooting for Season 5B). I just was hoping for a different change of scenery. I'm a little upset and disappointed. What with the money TWD gets, it would've been so easy to transfer over to Washington D.C., especially since they have no actual set in Georgia. What do you think?

It would've been cool to see them in Washington D.C. and also just have a good adaptation in general. I won't mind this change as long as they don't butcher the Alexandria/Hilltop/Saviors/Kingdom storyline. It could also explain why the actors are in Atlanta. Because after Aaron met up with them there were some ventures into the D.C. city. I'm glad they won't be dragging out the Hunters or the Road arc very long. This could also explain why Abraham is crying. In the trailer he falls down, this could be after Eugene tells the truth.