It has come to my attention that, on the record, there is said to be an earth-shattering episode within Season 4 (though I don't know which they are referring to) and I believe reading somewhere that a main cast character will die.

This isn't original but: do you think Daryl will die by the end of Season 4?

The reason I say this is because I'm not a fan of Daryl but it's obvious he's everyone else's favorite character. He has gained so much popularity and fan-base that some have even claimed to quit the show if he dies (which is over-the-top, ridiculous, stupid, full of shit, etc.). Though I admit, it would be pretty huge if he died. I welcome it 100% but I would still be taken aback when he does.

The reason I say this is because of many:

1). We have introduced Abraham (one of the many Daryl's of the comics only better), and we are soon about to bring back Morgan and introduce Gabriel, Aaron, Eric, Heath, Jesus, Dwight, etc. We need to make room for them by getting rid of some of the fat: Daryl.

2). Daryl's story is over. He played the lone wolf, interesting archetype in Season 1 and dealt with the loss of his brother, in Season 2 he became use for the group and stepped up while forming a relationship with Carol and Rick, and in Season 3 he furthered his progression within the group, his relationship with Carol, and his relationship with Merle. His story has been less than filling this season. It's got nothing else for his character.

3). Daryl's death would be a blow (a good one) to the characters and the fans. What better way to give a sense of mortality and venerability to kill off one of the invincible, most beloved (even though I hate him) character? It would give a great tone for what's to come on the road to D.C. and the Safe Zone. Plus it would stick it to the fanboys who think they control the show and writers. I can't wait to devour their tears.

4). Beth sealed Daryl's fate. Back in Season 2 - "Pretty Much Dead Already" - Carl mentioned how much Sophia will enjoy the farm. At that moment, I knew Sophia died. At lo and behold, Sophia was in the barn as a walker. The moment Beth called Daryl, "The Last Man Standing" and promises "He'll outlive everyone and will miss her," I looked at my brother and said "He's dead now. He's dead just because she said that." Beth will outlive Daryl - and Daryl 100% has to die now. They wouldn't say that for no reason.

5). Daryl is about to meet his match. We are soon going to be introduced to the Hunters. People like to say it won't happen, but it will. The Hunters are the most qualified people to kill Daryl and gives an ironic twist on it, the Hunter becomes the Hunted. Plus the Walking Dead like's to adapt death scenes with different characters. Daryl might die just like Dale. And if the Hunters don't kill him - then it's whatever is at Terminus. And if Terminus or the Hunters don't kill him, it will be Negan.

So: What do you think?

Do you think Daryl will die at the end of Season 4?

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If not, do you think Daryl will die within the next two seasons?

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Do you want Daryl to die?

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Do you think Daryl needs to/should die?

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Who do you think will kill Daryl?

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