It disgusts me how so many people thought last night's episode was horrible/boring. After the episode "After" last night, people all over (IGN, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even on some here) thought last night's episode was boring and the worst.

How on Earth was last night's episode boring? The episode was emotional, suspenseful, funny, beautiful, action-packed, full of character development and story and most of all one of the best adaptation of the comics (along with Too Far Gone) since the end of Season One.

It annoys me how many people have this screwed up criteria that makes a good episode (Daryl and "super-awesome" kills, one hundred zombie kills, action every five seconds). I feel like people who watch the show don't appreciate it for what it really is, nor have any sense of story and character development. They also seem to forget that not only was this show based off the COMICS but also is about HUMANS SURVIVING, not zombies or zombie kills.

All the previews for next week have comments like "Ugh last night's episode was BORING and so is this." The only positive thing they are saying about next episode is about Daryl.

Sometimes I really get annoyed by this fandom. Do you think last night's episode was good? I thought it was the most artistic, best adapted, and now on my top list of best episodes of the season and top list of best episodes of the series.

P.S. Complaining about Carl and wanting the writers to kill him off is useless and idiotic, if anything he is the one who will come out on top and be the survivor in the end of the comics and TV series. Plus, he acts that way because he's a teenager, teenager's are always surly especially in an apocalypse scenario.