Kirkman said that an actor inspired the appearance and personality of Negan (which is to remain unknown if this celebrity is not casted as Negan). It says in the trivia that Charlie Adlard hinted that the inspiration came from the actor/comedian Henry Rollins. Is that true? Is there a source?

If that is true, then AMC needs to GET THIS MAN AS NEGAN. Everyone has had their fan casting of who Negan should be, including myself. But I think we've all been blown out of the water by this. I mean… come on…


I also looked him up on YouTube, not only is the guy hysterical, he has a wide arrange of personality and delivery, and if he was acting seriously he could be terrifying, but could easily be funny the next second. When I saw this video, all I heard was Negan:

Henry Rollins hates dating-004:18

Henry Rollins hates dating-0