So I was just figuring what might the show cover from the comics in Season 5. Let's be honest - we are dealing with the Hunters when it comes to Terminus and Gareth. Everything the lines and story is based on - this has to be the Hunters. And just recently - it was announced that Andrew J. West (Gareth) has been promoted to series regular. That means he has at least a full season (Michael Rooker had the same thing in Season 3) to live.

I was calculating, on average, what each season covers on the issues. This is my best estimates.

The Walking Dead Season One: Issue 1 – 6
The Walking Dead Season Two: Issue 7 – 12
The Walking Dead Season Three: Issue 13 – 44
The Walking Dead Season Four: Issue 45 – 64

Now - this is what concerns me. It was announced by a casting call (and by common knowledge of those who read the comics) that season 5 will at least have the group start heading to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. But here's the thing, based off what we know and what The Walking Dead likes to do, I'm concerned they may stretch out the road storyline (the arc from the post-prision to the safe-zone).

By now - we would've gotten some conformation that, hey, the show is now taking up shop in Virginia and has started working on building a neighborhood for the set of the Safe-Zone. It doesn't mean we won't make it to Washington D.C., I just fear that we won't get into the Safe Zone and All Out War story until Seasons 6 and 7. Meaning, Season 5 will only cover issues 65-69.

Thus: The group will handle Terminus and escape - but Gareth might still be a looming threat while they are on the road again (until they pick up Morgan and listen to Eugene about going to D.C.). The second half will then be spent on the road and in the city of D.C. - but I doubt we will get to the safe-zone. If anything, it will end with Aaron bringing them in the city and preparing them for the Safe-Zone as a CGI safe-zone looms overhead like the ending to Season 2.

What do you think? Will we at least get inside the Safe-Zone by the end of Season 5, or just in D.C.?