Something I was curious about, especially after the deaths in All Out War and the two year time jump in A New Beginning, we lost a lot of couples over the war and some people are available for the taking. I was wondering what OTPs (one-true pairings otherwise known as "shipping") the other comic fans have. OTPs or "ships" are characters that you love seeing together romantically and/or characters you wish got together, romantically.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the official relationship statuses so far in the comics are: - Rick x Andrea - Michonne x Ezekiel - Dwight x Sherry - Paul x Alex - Mark x Amber

For the comic fans - who is your favorite OTP (it could be a current and official relationship like those above, it can be one that occurred but the couple has either broken up or died, or it's a relationship that isn't official but you want it to happen)

For me, my favorite past OTP was Aaron and Eric. They were funny, cute, loving, supportive, strong, and non-stereotypical. Now Eric is gone - making it a past OTP.

My favorite current OTP for an official couple has to be Rick and Andrea, just like with Aaron and Eric they are funny, cute, loving, supportive, and strong.

And my shipping OTP (one pairing I want to happen) is Aaron and Paul (Jesus). Aaron deserves to be happy and not feel like he's the last gay man on earth, he and Paul would be a power couple, and I personally think Paul can do better than Alex. I'm hoping since he's living in Alexandria that the note he had Carl deliver to Alex is a break-up letter so Paul and Aaron can be together.