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    Currently in the show, our main ladies consist of:
    - Carol
    - Maggie
    - Michonne
    - Sasha
    - Tara
    - Rosita
    - Enid

    At this point in comics as the show is currently at, Carol is dead, Andrea and Sophia are alive, and Tara, Sasha, and Enid technically don't exist.

    Now, it terms of mapping out how the female characters in the show will follow certain paths from the comics, I think I have found a clear picture.

    - Michonne: It's clear now TV Michonne has taken Comic Andrea's role Mrs. Grimes as well as the third protagonist behind Rick and Carl. So, like Comic Andrea, Michonne will oversee Alexandria and will continue to be Rick's right hand (wo)man.

    - Maggie: Maggie is here to stay in her comic counterpart, what with being Deanna's protege and her recent dea…

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    Aside from doing basically everything Walking Dead related, Kirkman also writes the novels which basically cover the story of Woodbury, from the Governor becoming who he was, to finding Woodbury, to what he did to it, and now how Lily is handling it after the prison attack. Now while I find these novels interesting, I feel like it's time for Kirkman to keep writing the novels but give it to other deserving arcs in the comics.

    I recall something about how Kirkman didn't want to write about Negan's backstory, but at the same time he said that he was done with Woodbury and yet he keeps writing about it. In my personal opinion, it would be fantastic for him to write novels on the D.C. communities. Perhaps a novel for how each community was made…

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    Since Season 4 and Scott Gimple took over, the show has become an adaptation once again. The only things that become different are preluded and extended story-lines and character actions. Who does what? Who dies instead of who? Sasha has become Andrea. Hershel took Tyreese's death. Bob became Dale. Bob took Dale's death. Tyreese's Death took Morgan's death. Carol snuck into the armory instead of Glenn. And Michonne is possibly becoming Rick's love interest instead of Andrea.

    So it's apparent that the show like to give characters different outcomes and actions from the comics. Now since Maggie has become Deanna's assistant, it looks like the show has her being prepared to become a leader because in the comics, she is a leader for the Hilltop…

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    So we are reaching that point in the comics with the show where Rick is going to confront Pete about abusing Jessie and Ron, and then their debacle, leading to Pete killing Regina, Douglas allowing Rick to kill Pete, and Rick and Jessie having a relationship.

    However, it's come to my attention that the show may possibly be switching the roles of the abuser of Pete and Jessie for the show. It wouldn't be the first time the show has done this. The show usually adapts the same story from the comics, and even the same lines, just different characters at this point. They switch roles around, they switch deaths around, and now they might switch around who the abuser is. Let me explain:

    We hardly knew Jessie or Ron before it came to Rick's attentio…

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    So if you were near any social media in the past week, you probably heard the outcry that The Walking Dead show finally included a gay male couple. Not the first gay couple (Tara and Alisha), but still a significant couple. The comments have had defense and positivity, but far too many have had:

    "Show was great until you added gays"
    "That kiss was over the line"
    "Lesbians are fine but I don't want to gay guys."
    "I'm going to stop watching"
    "It was too inappropriate, my kids were watching it." (Yes that was actually on my Facebook)
    "Why do you gotta shove this down our throats?"
    "The classic liberal, gay agenda working again."
    "Not every show needs gay people."
    "I'm not homophobic, but I just don't want to see gay people kissing or be on TV."

    First t…

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