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  • Gammlernoob

    The Wiki page of the TWD Videogame Season 2/ 400 days dlc says this :

    "At the end of 400 days, there will be a preview that will give you a few hints for what you'll see in Season 2."

    I havent played the dlc ( still waiting for it on steam today ) But from what i heared from people who played it nobody mentioned that . So is there one ? A Preview for Season 2 of the videogame ?

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  • Gammlernoob

    Quick question

    June 29, 2013 by Gammlernoob

    Why is Kenny of the telltale videogame marked as a dead character ? Its not clear if he is dead or alive , is it ?

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  • Gammlernoob

    So its pretty much clear that the Govenour will search for a new Army to attack the Prison again and maybe say his famouse "Kill them all" Quote . So i just came up with the idea that he maybe uses Randalls Group ( the guy from season 2 who was killed by shane ) . They are armed and brutal ( Randall told Shane about Rape/Murder etc. ) .

    What are your thoughts ?

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