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    Breaking news, Telltale Games has confirmed that there will be a third season of the hit video game, The Walking Dead.

    The news was confirmed at Comic-Con by Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman and Telltale president, Kevin Bruner. This was done via IGN.

    At the moment, plot details, returning characters, platform information and the launch date has yet to be confirmed.

    The launch date is most likely to be in 2015 as the current season has yet to conclude.

    For more information:

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    Hi this is a blog to discuss what I think will happen between Daryl and Tyreese. I bet your thinking why do I think that Tyreese or Daryl will die. The reason I think this is because your going to have Tyreese, Abraham and Daryl in the TV show now and personally I think that will be too overpowering.

    Abraham will be around for a while at least for couple of seasons or even more. Tyreese in the comics is dead at this point but his position was switched with Hershel, who also died both here. That's were I think he might be a contender to die. Now Daryl he isn't in the comics at all, leaving it up to the writers to do what the hell they want with him but I still stand with what I say.

    The show will be overpowering with three badasses. I think o…

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    After The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, Too Far Gone there were several different groups that left. If you had the choice which group would you have chose and why:

    • Glenn and the elderly
    • Beth and Daryl
    • Tyreese and the kids
    • Sasha, Bob and Maggie
    • Michonne
    • Rick and Carl
    • Lilly
    • Tara

    If I had the choice it would be either with Glenn and the elderly or with Michonne. But I would defiantly not be going with Tyreese, talk about Adventures in Babysitting...

    Vote down below:

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    I want to hear your opinions on who you want to see die or who you think will die in Season 4 Part 2. I want you to be specific and how you think they will die, if you can.

    My Death Predictions are:

    • Glenn
    • Sasha
    • Bob
    • Tyreese
    • Beth Greene
    • Jeanette

    and a bunch of extras

    That's it for me. They are the people who I think will die and the majority of them I want to see die too.

    Down below tell me. Thanks :)

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    I think that Mike and Lizzie will survive the prison attack of the Governor in the next episode because I think that they are working on Mike and Lizzie being the new Ben and Billy. I also think that if they are going to do this that they are going to go down one of them killing the other one.

    If you agree, tell me which one would kill the other one. Personally I think Lizzie is going to kill Mika sometime in the show.

    Tell me your thoughts. Do you think that they will survive the attack on the person and if so do you think they are going to be doing the storyline that Ben and Billy had in the comic book.

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