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Telltale's Walking Dead Season 2 News

As we all know, Telltale has been working on the sequel to the The Walking Dead Video Game, which one over 40 Game of the Year awards. As it's all ready been said the game will carry over Season 1 saves, I found news about the bugs/glitches experinced in the game. Althought the Walking Dead was great, it's only problem was the numerous Glitches experinced. According to gamerant.com, Telltale is working hard to get rid of those glitches. They said they are trying to make the game glitch free.

While this isnt important news, it is refreshing to know they are working on that problem. If i get any news about the game, I will inform you. GameNerd out.

Source - http://gamerant.com/telltale-bugs-walking-dead-season-2/

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