What is their status?


The last we saw her was when Rick, Tyresse, Sasha, Daryl and Michonne brought the woodburians to the prison in Welcome to the tombs. I read that her actress said she would be coming back sometime in season 4. But how come we have'nt seen her yet? It is possible that her actress was lying or we will see her in the second half of season 4.

Do you think she is dead?

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The Vatos Gang

So the last time we saw the them was season 1 episode 4 "Vatos". In a deleted scene ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFOQZ6Sr_dI ) we see all the older people dead but none of the younger people dead. It is very unlikely we will see them again but, heck you never know. It is very possible they just did'nt want to have more people their do to their budget.

Do you think they're all dead?

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