Time for a blog post about everybody's favourite character, Shupert.

In "Walk With Me", Crowley reffers to Shupert as "Shupert".

In "Prey", Martinez reffers to Shupert as "Shupert".

After being 'uncredited' for many episodes, in "Made to Suffer" he is in the credits under the name "Shupert".

Everyone originally thought his name was "Bowman" due to a leaked casting sheet.

In "The Suicide King", he is again credited, but this time as "Bowman". (Credited as Bowman for every episode since)


This is an open discussion about the character of Shupert, aswell as deciding if that is actually his real name.

Is his name "Shupert Bowman"? Discuss. 

(Keep in mind that I'm aware he is called "Bowman" because he uses his bow)