This is my opinion, post your thoughts as I'm eager to see them.

So I've been a fan of TWD for a while now, and as hard as I've tried, I've never convinced my sister to watch it. One day, she loses a bet, and I make her watch the first season. She likes it, and I continue to watch the second season with her. The day after I watched "Beside the Dying Fire", "Hounded" comes out. I then realise how bad TWD is this season. The acting is different, the tone is different, its just bloodshed. 

Is it because Darabont left? Probably. But I had hope that it would get better in time, and TWD would go back to the good old days, before the Daryl and Glaggie fanboys/girls. 

Darabont stayed as true to the comics as he could with Shane still being in the picture, and he created an amazing Season 2. My friends all think Season 2 is boring because its just "talking" and Season 3 is better. They are wrong. Season 3 is nothing compared to Season 2. The only exception is "Clear".

Glen Mazarra has effectively ruined the TV show for a TWD fan. He took the basic jist of the Woobury storyline in the comics and made it into a bloodshed bonanza. Glen Mazarras idea of developing an amazing zombie show is killing zombies. Sounds right dont it? Nope. TWD was unique for its character based storyline, in the comics and TV. Dont get me wrong, there is character development in Season 3, but thats only due to bad writing. (Lori's death, Rick then getting and overcoming insanity). Am I the only one that hated Rick being insane?

."Clear" and "AOTDP" has shown signs of slowing down a bit, which I liked. But the bit that really got me in "AOTDP" was when The Governor mentions Shane. Thats when I realised TWD Season 2 is a completely different show. Just think about it, not one character is remotely like they were in Season 1 or 2, and the general tone of the show is different. (I cant describe what Season 2 was, I hope you know what I mean)

Scott M. Gimple is the new showrunner for Season 4. He wrote my two favourite episodes "18 Miles Out" and "Clear". I have high hopes that TWD will look like it used too, but I will never be too sure.

I continue to watch TWD just because. I don't hate it. I just don't like knowing that it is my favourite show. My favourite show is TWD w/ Darabont. Not what I'm watching right now.

Post positive or negative feeback, I dont really care. Its an opinion.