Every one always says "I'll get an AK-47 and a Buzuka and be badass!!". If you are one of these people than this blog is not for you. So, my question is this. What would you do? Where would you most likely be during the start of it all? How old are you? Can you even use a gun? What kinds of food would you pack? Would you be able to go a day or two without any food? Where do you live? What's your occupation? So... Here's my plan:

Most likely, when the shit hits the fan I would be at School(Middle School, 8th Grade). I am 13 almost 14. I do not know how to use a gun.

So here it goes:

When it all goes down, I would get my closest friends from my class and run to the janitors closet on the roof Via- The janitors ladder. My friends and I would dump all the unnnescary stuff out and keep just one folder(for planning or organizing the groups supply). Since we are on the roof, it leads directly to the a Student Store(snack stand). On the roof there is a hatch leading down into it. I would grab all non-perishable foods and liquids such as Water, Beef Jerkey, and dried fruit. After that I would go back onto the roof and try to call my parents(in this they are assumed dead). After that I would try to survive as long as I could.