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Merle Dixon -- one handed racist is back!

Fthis November 10, 2011 User blog:Fthis

Short clip of Merle Dixon in season 2, episode 5, Chupacabra:


‘Walking Dead’: Michael Rooker on the return of Merle Dixon

In another video clip, Merle Dixon's brother Daryl Dixon falls of a horse, and rolls down a hil. Could the view of Merle Dixon be a lame dream sequence?

I am really shocked that this wikia has not talked about this yet. The LA Times said there was "Internet buzz" I guess this is not the most prominent chat site.

There is also a 1 minute promo of next week. Shocked you guys don't have this weekly either.

You could always add this in the sitenotice if the shortsighted wikia staff didn't delete the mediawiki:sitenotice option in favor of more ads.

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