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Does TV Shane play the dark side of Rick in the comic book?

Fthis October 31, 2011 User blog:Fthis

Does anyone know if Kirkman or the other cast indicate whether Rick will stop being a stupid boring boy scout? If so, please provide a source.

I just read this great review of Save the Last One, at Entertainment Weekly, 'The Walking Dead' recap: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

This passage made my heart drop:

You could say that there are two fundamental sides to The Walking Dead: On one hand, it's a show about staying alive in a world of zombies -- a show about difficult moral decisions and also about mashing zombie-skulls. On the other hand, it's a show that dares to ask whether it's even worth it to try staying alive in a world of zombies.
In the comic books, Rick becomes the focal character for both of those distinctive story strands. If last night's episode is any indication, though, Comic-Rick has now essentially been split into two characters: TV-Rick is now the passively emotional intellectual who has to justify living in a dead world, while TV-Shane is the guy who actually has to make the tough decisions to keep his people alive.
It also means TV-Rick is in danger of becoming extremely, extremely boring.

The first season reviews all said, Rick was a boy scout who could do no wrong, comparing Rick to the Lost main character.

I remember writing satisfactorily, just you wait, Rick become evil later, using the example of the assassination in the Prison and the assassination and burning on the Hunters. Is Shane now going to be the evil Rick, and do all of those horrendous things? If so, it just seems like lazy writing and an appeal to a broader base of people which may ultimately backfire for AMC. Some of the most interesting characters on television are those who have a stark Jekyll and Hyde side.

Does this lazy writing and easy road solution mean no Carl killing the twin or killing Shane? What a major disappointment if that is the case.

Also I still hold out the possibility there is no zombies in the Hershel barn. Even though Wiltshire Estates is now official dead, replaced with the CDC.


In the comic book there’s a great little story arc where Rick and the rest of the survivors think they’ve found this great, undead-free place called Wiltshire Estates, which actually turns out to be Zombie Central. Were you tempted to incorporate that into the show?
Everybody in the writer’s room wanted to get on that farm, see those pastures, change the vibe of the show as early as possible and have a pretty clear transition between season 1 and season 2. But I like that Wiltshire Estates stuff in the comic too. There is a kind of a tribute to that coming later in the season.[1]

Does anyone know if Kirkman or the other cast indicate whether Rick will stop being a stupid boring boy scout? If so, please provide a source.