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    Zombie main cast

    November 22, 2011 by Fthis

    check out these awesome screenshots of zombie main cast

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    Short clip of Merle Dixon in season 2, episode 5, Chupacabra:


    ‘Walking Dead’: Michael Rooker on the return of Merle Dixon

    In another video clip, Merle Dixon's brother Daryl Dixon falls of a horse, and rolls down a hil. Could the view of Merle Dixon be a lame dream sequence?

    I am really shocked that this wikia has not talked about this yet. The LA Times said there was "Internet buzz" I guess this is not the most prominent chat site.

    There is also a 1 minute promo of next week. Shocked you guys don't have this weekly either.

    You could always add this in the sitenotice if the shortsighted wikia staff didn't delete the mediawiki:sitenotice option in favor of more ads.

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    Does anyone know if Kirkman or the other cast indicate whether Rick will stop being a stupid boring boy scout? If so, please provide a source.

    I just read this great review of Save the Last One, at Entertainment Weekly, 'The Walking Dead' recap: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

    This passage made my heart drop:

    You could say that there are two fundamental sides to The Walking Dead: On one hand, it's a show about staying alive in a world of zombies -- a show about difficult moral decisions and also about mashing zombie-skulls. On the other hand, it's a show that dares to ask whether it's even worth it to try staying alive in a world of zombies.
    In the comic books, Rick becomes the focal character for both of those distinctive story strands. If …
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