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  • My occupation is trying to make yes man evil
  • I am A memory in a robot
  • Fryingpan57

    So I just read a couple news articles across the web about an actor named David Morrissey cast as the Governor.One of the articles fromThe Hollywood Reporter showed an official announcement but being the majestical marvel of a Doudting Thomas I would like all y'all Walking Dead fans to go out go out and research and confirm this article take away my doubts make me a Believing Billy. Sincerely Your local zombie Fryer Fryingpan57.

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  • Fryingpan57

    Quite Funny

    January 4, 2012 by Fryingpan57

    So the other day I ordered The Walking Dead Hardcover Books 4 and 5 this afternoon I tracked the shipment none of you will never guess where the books passed through.Cynthiana Kentucky and then it went to Atlanta I found it quite funny.

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