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    Hey guys, here's an image from Terminus and the group finding it. I don't know if people have already seen this, or if someone has already made a post about it, so sorry if so. Feel free to delete this blog if you think it is useless, bad, offensive, boring, etc.

    So, I think these are the people we see getting to Terminus. I'm not sure if this is right though. In any case, do not see this if you don't want spoilers on who possibly made it there.


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  • Febgw


    April 2, 2013 by Febgw

    Not willing to make a deal about it, but I think we should remove the fact that Karen is Noah's mother, and let them both as Woodbury citizens (even though Karen is now at the prision).

    I know we said she was his mother because she talked to The Governor about him having asthma, but not only it doesn't prove anything, but it would be weird that they never showed him again, but his mother got a place in the show, and he isn't even mentioned by her, or she showed concern about him.

    And I know it's a minor question, but I think we should only show concrete info on the Wiki. The ones we are sure of.

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