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Season 3 Deleted Scenes

What do you guys think will be in the deleted scenes for:

3x01: Seed

3x02: Sick

3x03:Walk With Me

3x04: Killer Within

3x05: Say the Word

3x06: Hounded

3x07: When the Dead Come Knocking

3x08: Made to Suffer

3x09: The Suicide King

3x10: Home

3x11: I Aint a Judas

3x12: Clear

3x13: Arrow on the Doorpost

3x14: Prey

3x15: This Sorrowful Life

3x16: Welcome to the Tombs

You guys can list them in that order or just choose a specific episode. I know Welcome to the Tombs hasn't come out yet, but you can still comment with them.

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