I don't know about you guys, but i really like the walking dead novels. Now that the whole governor thing is done, do you think that Kirkman will continue the novel series? I think it would be cool if the novels were not about our protagonists (Rick, Carl, Michonne, Andrea etc.), but I think that the novels could be about the villains of the series and what made them that way. The next novel, or mabye two, could be about the Hunters and all the experiences that shaped them into the villains Rick and his people collided with. It could follow them from the beginning of the apocalypse to their demise at the hands of our heroes. Another interesting idea could be about the Saviors, and what they were like in the beginning of the apocalypse up until Negan's introduction, or it could be just about Negan. And my final idea, a novel about the founder of the Alexandria Safe Zone, Alexander Davidson. This novel would not only show us his corruption and exile, but would give us a look at the ASZ before the group arrived.

So, what do you guys think? Any ideas of your own? Post them below! :D