Okay, so I've decided to do some thinking about the last three episodes of this half of the season, Hounded, When the Dead Come Knocking, and Made to Suffer.

So, judging by the short descriptions that I've read about each episode, I have reached an offical conclusion:

Hounded: I think it's mostly gonna be a Michonne/Andrea-centered episode with a little Prison action on the side. I think that Andrea and The Governor are going to start a relationship, and Andrea will start thinking that she is superior to all the other women in Woodbury because the Governor "loves" her. Michonne will be in the wilderness just killing walkers and have Merle and some other guys chasing her. Glenn and Maggie will go on a supply run and will encounter Merle and Michonne will be watching them and then Glenn and Maggie might find her wounded and take her to the Prison. Meanwhile, Rick will ignore his responsibilities as group leader and go back and keep talking to whoever was on that phone (Lori).

When The Dead Come Knocking: I think that the group is going to face their first horde while at the Prison. Michonne will feel uncomfortable in the Prison and at the same time, another herd attacks Woodbury and the walls are breached.

Made to Suffer: Okay somebody has to die this episode but I cant think of anyone who could possibly die this episode. So Andrea is gonna whip Woodbury into shape after they get attacked by the horde and aren't used to living without electricity and hot water. The Prison is pribably going to meet another group with (Tyreese in it) and in the next half of the season theyr'e gonna duke it out with them and Tyreese is gonna join them with Manuel and Harold.

That is what I think....................................