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    I don't know about you guys, but i really like the walking dead novels. Now that the whole governor thing is done, do you think that Kirkman will continue the novel series? I think it would be cool if the novels were not about our protagonists (Rick, Carl, Michonne, Andrea etc.), but I think that the novels could be about the villains of the series and what made them that way. The next novel, or mabye two, could be about the Hunters and all the experiences that shaped them into the villains Rick and his people collided with. It could follow them from the beginning of the apocalypse to their demise at the hands of our heroes. Another interesting idea could be about the Saviors, and what they were like in the beginning of the apocalypse up u…

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  • Fawtyfawnullandvoid

    I was just thinking, do you think they'll do a webisodes series for Michonne? I can see it like this:

    Webisode 1: Michonne finds her katana after escaping from whoever her 2 walkers were.

    Webisode 2: Michonne dismembers her walkers and hits the road.

    Webisode 3: A timeskip, Michonne saves Andrea and a bit of conversation afterwards.

    Webisode 4: Michonne and Andrea are killing some walkers and Andrea asks about her katana.

    Webisode 5: Set after the flashback in Prey, Andrea asks again about Michonne's walkers.

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    March 31, 2013 by Fawtyfawnullandvoid

    Okay I know other people have made blogs like this, but Season 3 is almost over and I have NO idea what Rowan does.

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  • Fawtyfawnullandvoid

    What do you guys think will be in the deleted scenes for:

    3x01: Seed

    3x02: Sick

    3x03:Walk With Me

    3x04: Killer Within

    3x05: Say the Word

    3x06: Hounded

    3x07: When the Dead Come Knocking

    3x08: Made to Suffer

    3x09: The Suicide King

    3x10: Home

    3x11: I Aint a Judas

    3x12: Clear

    3x13: Arrow on the Doorpost

    3x14: Prey

    3x15: This Sorrowful Life

    3x16: Welcome to the Tombs

    You guys can list them in that order or just choose a specific episode. I know Welcome to the Tombs hasn't come out yet, but you can still comment with them.

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  • Fawtyfawnullandvoid

    What do you think happened to the residents of Woodbury in the comics, after the prison seige?

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