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Why did he all of a sudden stop talking to Morgan Jones? He didn't lose the Talkie, at least of what I know.

Morgan didn't answer, we know that. But he might have heard it. What if he went to their old camp in Atlanta, found the car they left behind, then waited for them to reply, I know this might be a tad too late, but I think it's interesting.

Morgan might be an inhabitant of Woodbury, he might not. He's not in the prison, that's for sure. He might be in the house he lived in in Days Gone Bye, he might have moved his stuff to the Police Station if Rick didn't lock it. And, of course, the one that's most likely; he's dead. But like Merle, why would they just introduce a character just to let him be unknown. A loose end, I reckon Rob saying we would always know what happened to a character. And I know he has more to say in the comics than in the tv show but he should keep to what he said in the very first volume.

And Merle, why didn't he just cut of the handcuffs? Why did he mutilate himself, given enough time that saw could possibly break the chains.