Hi guys, I've seen plenty of blogs asking who your zombie apocalypse dream team would be but this one is different. The characters you choose must not be from any zombie or survival horror franchise. They can be both real or fictional, living or dead, and you may list up to ten. Enjoy.

My List: -Andy McNab-SAS legend. -Mickey Smith (Doctor Who)-Street smarts, -Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect)-For the comedy. -Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad)-He's a trained killer. -Sayid Jarrah (Lost)-He is just a badass. -Mr Khan (Citizen Khan)-Also for the comedy. -Hit Girl (Kick Ass)-For the killing. -Les Stroud (Survivorman)-For hunting and stuff. -Chuck Norris-Because he's Chuck Norris. -Hanna (Hanna)-Similar to Hit Girl.