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    Hey guys, I found this and thought you might want to see it. During a panel at SDCC, Telltale have confirmed that Clementine wil appear in season 2. They have also said that Kenny's fate wil be explored, which explains why they changed his death scene. Finally, Telltale have stated that they are aiming for Season 2 to be released this fall.

    Source: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/07/20/comic-con-clementine-will-be-in-walking-dead-game-season-2

    Note from Axel TWD
    Some people are confused about the info stating that Kenny's death scene was changed. This info comes from my interview with voice actor Gavin Hammon. In it, he said the following:

    Well, I know that when I first recorded ep 5, it was extremely clear that Kenny died in that alley. Lik…

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  • Everyone Hates Spencer

    Hi everyone, I'm just making the blog to let you all know that readers in the UK will be getting Issue 112 early in order to make up for the lost shipment of Issue 111, which has since been found. Both issues will be arriving in UK comic stores this wednesday.

    Source: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/06/27/uk-comic-stores-to-get-walking-dead-112-a-week-early/

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  • Everyone Hates Spencer

    Hi guys, I've seen plenty of blogs asking who your zombie apocalypse dream team would be but this one is different. The characters you choose must not be from any zombie or survival horror franchise. They can be both real or fictional, living or dead, and you may list up to ten. Enjoy.

    My List: -Andy McNab-SAS legend. -Mickey Smith (Doctor Who)-Street smarts, -Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect)-For the comedy. -Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad)-He's a trained killer. -Sayid Jarrah (Lost)-He is just a badass. -Mr Khan (Cit…

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  • Everyone Hates Spencer


    FX UK have launched new character profiles for TWD Season 3. Most contain things we already know but some seem new, for instance:

    -Beth and Carl become closer (possibly a new Sophia?)

    -T Dog brings humanity to the group

    -Carol gains a sense of humour (beieve it or not)

    -Lori and Rick are not on speaking terms

    -Merle is the Governor's second in command and he will have to choose between Woodbury and Daryl

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  • Everyone Hates Spencer

    http://twitpic.com/azmta5 Towards the bottom of the call sheet shown in the link, there is the name Axel. Thats right folks, the Axel has landed, we've got him!!! What do you think? Are you happy or sad to see him? Can you make out any other names on the list?

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