Let me preface this blog by saying that I know not everyone is like this, just the majority of Daryl haters.

So, you don't like Daryl. That's understandable. He's kind of getting a little ridiculous. I mean, no one's that invincible, right? No one is THAT badass, no one can live that long through so many terrible situations and walk out without even a symbol of harm on their body. I get it, he's getting old. He's not my favorite character either, 

But, what I don't really understand, is why the majority of comic fans will take their time writing about how much Daryl is awful, and how he's a cash cow for AMC, yet completely turn their heads about Michonne. 

But whaaat? Michonne is this badass katana-weilding lawyer woman! How could anyone ever dislike her? I don't. I like Michonne. I think she has a charm about her, and I think her silent demeanor is a good character trait about her. But, she can also be pretty humorous as well. She's pretty awesome. Rick usually calls on her to help him out, and she's basically his main right hand woman. In the comics, you can't get anyone more reliable than Michonne. If she's in a tough situation, you don't find yourself getting worried about a possible death coming up.

But wait, isn't that the same for Daryl? You're never really worried about him, you're never quite scared that he's gonna be killed off at any moment. But, you still want him to die. You want to see the hype train finally end, so maybe, MAYBE, it could sort out the "real" fans from the fake fans. You want to see superman finally meet his demise. Why don't you want to see superwoman meet her demise?

I think it's because you like pissing the fangirls off. It's because you like being one of  the special fans, the ones who read the comics and get the deeper meaning of the Walking Dead. You understand it, of course! It's about the human survivors, not about the zombie slaying badasses. I understand,

But you still do not call for Michonne's head as you do with Daryl. Daryl is essentially the mascot of TWD. But you know who would be number two? Michonne. Do you think, that as soon as Daryl dies, you'll be calling for the head of Michonne? Because she's too unrealistic, too badass, too bland? 

Just some food for thought.