-This will contain spoilers- 

Hey guys, it's Eugene here. I've never done a review before, but I feel like I could do one now, considering how much hate this episode is getting. Personally, I liked this episode. The first 20 minutes of it all seemed inconsequential when it came to the others and their safety, but I soon realized that it all had purpose. For me, as a less than ecstatic fanatic of Daryl, I thought this was a great episode for him. We've seen him crack before at people such as Merle and Carol, but we've never seen it to this extent. For the most part, it was same old same old "You're pushing away your feelings" cliche. However, it's when he said that he regrets not doing something during the prison attack that we finally got to see some character development in him. We come to realize that not only do we think Daryl was a superman, but so did everyone at the prison. So much so that he began to believe that he could save everyone. But the prison attack was a big wake up call to that idea, and we get to see the fallout of it. Beth didn't have much development other than being her rebellious teenage self, but the relationship between Daryl and Beth did a complete 180 to the point where they could be considered each other's love interests now.

Sure, the action was a bit lackluster, but I say get the fuck over it. I give this episode an 8/10.