Yes, that's right. It's your favorite scientist back again, for a blog that asks how Rick and his mates will get out of this... *ahem*... Un"EUGE"ual circumstance.


For all two of you who are still reading after that terrible pun, let's get down to some theories. 

Theory 1: Carol and Tyreese save the day.

This is one that I've heard many times as a likely cause for how Rick will break out. Its base is how Tyreese and Carol (and lil Judith) make it to Terminus, find Rick's hidden bag of weaponry and break them out of there. To me, this could happen, but it isn't the most likely theory. 

Fault 1: How will Carol and Tyreese even discover the bag? We see that Rick pretty much completely covers it with dirt. What, do they accidentally step on it? Does rain push it out of the way? If they did go this route, it'd be a little silly.

Fault 2: Carol and Tyreese fit enough to either A. sneak over the fence, B. locate the train car where they just happen to know that their presumed dead friends are being kept, C. Coordinate an attack on a group who outnumber them maybe 10 to 1? Seems unlikely.

Fault 3: "But Tyreese, what do we do with Judith?" "Just put her down real quick, won't take a moment."

Overall, I think this theory is a little silly, but still possible, depending on the circumstances. I don't know the context behind how the breakout might happen. Who knows, Judith could die on the road, the bag washes up, and Carol and Tyreese make the Termites take an eye test with flowers. But the way I see it, if the Baby Club shows up, they're getting tossed into that caboose. Regardless, it's still fun to debate.

Theory 2: Rick stages a prison escape and takes out the Termites.

I like this idea, considering how many chances there could be of it happening. Considering that the Termites are most likely cannibals, they'll want to keep their food fat and meaty. So, it might be likely that they will all be fed in the train car, and while the group is getting their dinner, Rick and co. decide to give the Termites something in return... Their just desserts. *YEAHHHHHHHHHHH* Another option is that the Termites begin preparing their meal with one of the survivors. And perhaps Rick knows that they're about to be collected, and stealthily takes out the guards. 

Fault 1: What goes down after they take the bugs out? Will they have the cover of nightfall and climb the fence to get the bag? How will they escape when there's likely an eye on the car at most hours?

Fault 2: The sheer size of the group can be seen as either an advantage or disadvantage. By my counts, there are 12 in the car, not including the fact that Carol and Tyreese might show up. The idea that there are 12 essentially war veterans in one car led by Rick motherfucking Grimes means that the Termites should be scared. But even still, it'll be really difficult NOT to notice a dozen survivors scampering around. 

Fault 3: The Termites aren't as pathetic as the Hunters. As predicted in a blog I made before, the counterpart to the Cannibal Club is a much MUCH more sizable threat to Rick than they were in the comics. Rick will have to do a lot more than just staring at the camera in order to doop these guys. 

Still, I really do enjoy the thought of this theory. Just the idea that we just see some Termite walking casually and then someone like MIchonne or Daryl come in to take them out just fills me with fanboy joy. 

Theory 3: They just run.

The most unlikely theory, the idea that they might just make a break for it could happen, but it still seems like an out of character thing for Rick to do. It could lead to something a little more faithful the comics, with Rick's group getting hunted down. 

Fault 1: Rick's not going to let these guys go free. If he were to run, he'd most certainly be plotting to come back and to take them out because, he's motherfucking Rick Grimes, and he knows what happened when he let The Governor live. 

Many of the other faults in this theory are in the others, such as trying not to be seen. Still, it's a theory, but I'd be fairly upset if the writers went this route. It'd just be so much smarter to make Rick remember his past and go after them and good God, get revenge on those Termites.

Those are just a few theories that I could remember off the top of my head. What about yours? How will they escape? How will the writers handle the real life time-skip? Surely his group wouldn't be in the car for six months, right? 

Anyway, thanks for reading. Talk to you guys later.