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  • Eugene Porter

    Yes, that's right. It's your favorite scientist back again, for a blog that asks how Rick and his mates will get out of this... *ahem*... Un"EUGE"ual circumstance.


    For all two of you who are still reading after that terrible pun, let's get down to some theories. 

    This is one that I've heard many times as a likely cause for how Rick will break out. Its base is how Tyreese and Carol (and lil Judith) make it to Terminus, find Rick's hidden bag of weaponry and break them out of there. To me, this could happen, but it isn't the most likely theory. 

    Fault 1: How will Carol and Tyreese even discover the bag? We see that Rick pretty much completely covers it with dirt. What, do they accidentally step on it? Does rain push it out of the way? If the…

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  • Eugene Porter

    So, in the previews, we see Rick with a look of shock, the underacting is showing something brutal has just happened. I think I know what it might be. We see Rick obviously bloody. Did he find someone dead? I don't think so. In the New Zealand and Australia promos, we see Joe's group (or at least a few members) taunting Carl in a car. When we see Rick, he's leaned back on what appears to be a car. My idea is that Rick locates Carl in danger and slaughters Joe's group, kind of like what he did with the marauders in the comics, only this time, I think it might be a bit more harsh and savage. Now, this does bring up some questions: Is Daryl or Joe apart of this? If so, what would Rick do? Will Rick make it to Terminus if this happens?

    Now, obv…

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  • Eugene Porter

    Still Review

    March 3, 2014 by Eugene Porter

    -This will contain spoilers- 

    Hey guys, it's Eugene here. I've never done a review before, but I feel like I could do one now, considering how much hate this episode is getting. Personally, I liked this episode. The first 20 minutes of it all seemed inconsequential when it came to the others and their safety, but I soon realized that it all had purpose. For me, as a less than ecstatic fanatic of Daryl, I thought this was a great episode for him. We've seen him crack before at people such as Merle and Carol, but we've never seen it to this extent. For the most part, it was same old same old "You're pushing away your feelings" cliche. However, it's when he said that he regrets not doing something during the prison attack that we finally got t…

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  • Eugene Porter

    I've seen countless people saying that they think ASZ is right around the corner in season 5. But if you guys think about it, storywise, it would make a lot of sense for AMC to prolong the discovery of the safe zone until at least the sixth season. 

    One reason, and the most prominent, is that the group is spread out. Different storylines that are branching out can go a long way. It would be just like the style of Woodbury/The Prison cuts. Only, hopefully, every small group of characters will be equally interesting if it's done properly. Every cut away will still have you saying "Oh, I'm interested in seeing how these guys make it out of their situation as well." I think that the separated storyline can go for the rest of the season, if they…

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  • Eugene Porter

    Let me preface this blog by saying that I know not everyone is like this, just the majority of Daryl haters.

    So, you don't like Daryl. That's understandable. He's kind of getting a little ridiculous. I mean, no one's that invincible, right? No one is THAT badass, no one can live that long through so many terrible situations and walk out without even a symbol of harm on their body. I get it, he's getting old. He's not my favorite character either, 

    But, what I don't really understand, is why the majority of comic fans will take their time writing about how much Daryl is awful, and how he's a cash cow for AMC, yet completely turn their heads about Michonne. 

    But whaaat? Michonne is this badass katana-weilding lawyer woman! How could anyone ever…

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