Lee Everett, what to say about Lee Everett.....

Who am I and what is this?

As I'm sure you wouldn't be here unless you played the game, this is review of the very special life of super criminal and apocalypse survivor Lee Everett. Since this is my first character review and blog in general I thought maybe ill explain how this works. First I'm going to explain the history of Mr.Everett. Second I'm going to explain some relationship details on the people he met and review some smaller characters he met on his journey. Then I would love if you could comment on who to review next. Please stick to deceased characters.

Ready, here we go!


Now as far as characters to start my first blog with, Lee is probably the worst character to start with. His backstory is mapped out by the players so I'll have to base his story on my playthrough. Lee's story begins before the apocalypse as he murders his wife's boyfriend the senator and possibly his wife as well. Do I think he killed his wife? No, he may have killed her boyfriend but most likely it was an accident. He probably killed him and then sprinted out the door in horror. Lee is a character and man in general based on emotion, always acting immediately facing repercussions later on. Most likely months later, Lee is being shipped to the prison when the police officer driving gets distracted and plummets over the guard rail and into the forrest below. After meeting a small girl named Clementine he travels the the farm of Hershal Greene where he meets Kenny and his family. After this Lee is sent barreling into the zombie apocalypse fall force. Lee spends the next three months building relationships with other survivors and traveling with them to Savanna where he is bit while looking for a abducted Clementine and dies after saving her.


I love Lee. I love Lee because he only plays a small part, at least at the beginning. Lee lets his fellow survivors, Kenny and Lily take charge. It isn't until much later on when his group is only six people strong that he takes over as leader. This is a story I would love to see more often.


Kenny~ Kenny is a character I sometimes enjoy even more than Lee because of his ever increasing character development. Kenny began as a fairly simple nice guy, friendly type and seemed to grow into a horrible shell of a man lost in the world that destroyed him. Some people didn't like him because of his temper but I don't care, Kenny's awesome.

Molly~ My favorite character in the walking dead. Molly is a character I would love to see again. She seems so interesting and eerie. She reminds me of a super Glenn with a pick axe.

Well that's it, I hope you like it. Please check out my fan fiction, The Walking Dead: Kelly's Story at UndeadFanStorysWiki