• Dwight needs face cream

    So Kirkman has come out and said he knows where he is going to be come issue 200,well he said it a while ago but anyway.

    So the question i'm posing you is:

    What are some realistic directions that the comic can go in? That will keep it fresh and not go back over old storylines.

    Are there any particular devices that Kirkman should use that would be more effective than others. Such as time jumps and whatever else.

    A few ideas that I had, which you may or may not agree with:

    -Use the new characters that are coming in, in issue 127, to show that people are slowly travelling to Washington.

    -This can then in turn be used to show a time jump, as when they arrive, Washington will be into a thriving community, months after the All Out War storyline.

    -The t…

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