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Draven428 September 2, 2012 User blog:Draven428

Hi everyone! first off im sorry if this is a stupid blog, and admins, feel free to delete it if it is, i wont be mad. but anyways, im wondering if people have read the marvel what if's? because if you had, you would know that they come up with scenarios for things if they did or didnt happen. so i was wondering if people had an ideas if they did "the walking dead" what if's. for instance i was curious to see what would have happened, if dextor had killed someone like rick, tyresse, or carl or lori? or what if billy had left with maggie to go to the farm with dale? or what if the governor had survived? so im just curious to see what you guy's would think would be cool what if's. again i'm sorry if this is a stupid blog, but please put your thoughts....

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