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Do YOU have an escape plane for the Zombie Apocolypse?

ESCAPE PLAN. Not plane lol it wont let me edit the heading. If you had a plane you would not need a plan!  anyway I do, took me years to plan out but its ready. Would you be so kind as to review it for me?

Part 1 - http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/DrLanceVanB/media/ZAPLANPART1_zps8588b8f8.png.html

Part 2http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/DrLanceVanB/media/ZAPART2_zps510cdd19.png.html

Part 3 - http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/piggy-back-girls-899866.jpg

So what do you think about that then? and what do you have planned?