Am I alone (although I'm pretty sure I'm not) in finding Daryl Dixon to be the best character in the series so far? This has surprised me over the course of Season 2 considering the fact that he doesn't even exist in the source material! I don't know, I just find him to be the most entertaining character of the group, as well as the one who has received the best character development. He's just a fun guy to watch; and endearing to boot! I readily admit that Norman Reedus' acting has a LOT to do with my views on the character; but beneath the actor, I still find the character's writing to be the most compelling out of the group so far.

Norman Reedus was perfectly cast for this role, as opposed to Laurie Holden who I believe to have been tragically miscast as Andrea (my favorite character in the comics). I just hope that Laurie is able to embrace her character a little more as Andrea develops. I also pray that since she almost killed Daryl (which is looking to be the catalyst for the rest of her development, at least in the immediate future) she will become a little more appealing. She is just so whiny and annoying that it's torture for me to watch her at times.