So this is my first blog and I wanted to write something that to me does not give me much certainty.

In this episode we talk about the fate of Randall Culver that at the end of the episode gets a judgment, but this is not very important, I can not understand a thing in the end the group decided to kill Randall, but when Rick sees his son defers.

But in the meantime there is the death of Dale that he wanted to save the boy's life and after his death, the group wants to let live and send him on his way, this is strange because when Shane and Rick were beaten, Randal had told them that he knew where the farm and he and his team could get if I had left.

I can not understand this, then the episode 2x11 is written to kill Dale?

For me, in my opinion, the episode was an episode 2x11 useless.

What do you think??