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  • Dixonlovessquirrels

    I don't know if this has been posted already, and I didn't even know where to post it... so I made a blog.


    So, in this promo, we see footage from episode 15+16. A couple of things I wanted to point of from the promo:

    1. Who is the guy getting eaten by walkers? After a couple of views, it looked a bit like Sasha, but it's most likely either one of the marauders or someone else.

    2. Rick's bloody face. He doesn't look happy... almost like he's in shock.

    3. Daryl looking weirdly at something. His face is cut and bruised, so maybe he gets beaten up by the marauders like we saw in last weeks promo? (Also, this is now throwing out the theory that Daryl is superhuman).

    4. Rick opening what seems to be a train …

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  • Dixonlovessquirrels

    Hey guys, just saw this poster on Facebook (don't judge), and thought it was pretty cool. 

    He does other posters too such as Breaking Bad and a lot more. I'm not advertising for him, just thought I'd share.

    His facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisMorkautArt

    p.s. Notice how Carol is pointing at Rick's nipple.

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  • Dixonlovessquirrels

    Just doing this so that there won't be anymore blogs about the same thing. Just post your opinions here and talk about the episode. PLEASE don't make another blog.

    Also, if you want AlVan's blog that is the official blog, Click Here

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  • Dixonlovessquirrels

    Anyone else think there's too many 400 days blogs? There could be people with other blogs who want to post something, but then nobody would see them because of all the 400 days blogs. I think there should be just 2 blogs for the game. One blog could be with spoilers and the other without.

    I don't mean to sound like an ass or anything, it's just getting kinda crowded.

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  • Dixonlovessquirrels


    One of the photos we've already seen, but it shows a little more. His hand is obviously just bandaged, not cut off.

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