So this is purely my predictions for the first episode NO SPOILERS

the show opens with some clips of the group surviving out in the wilderness in the months after the farm fell and has rick talking about how they have survived etc. opening montage. then we cut to daryl and rick scouting for food weapons etc, then they kill a few walkers and notice they have matching uniforms , so rick and daryl track a little further and stumble upon the prison. rick says its perfect and cut to commercial. then we cut to andrea and michonne walking and talking when they see a helicopter fly over head and then proceed to watch it crash. so they decide to follow it to a clearing where michonne investigates, sees a group and reports back to andrea. then out of nowhere they are jumped. and then andrea looks up and she sees merle who says how's bout a big hug for your old pal merle before knocking andrea and michonne out. commercial. when we return we see the governor walking up to the crash and talking to a amputated soldier right before his death and he finds out about the prison from him then when he turns he kills him. then cut to ricks group at night who has beth singing for some reason then rick and daryl proceed to tell the group about the prison. and after a discussion they decide to clear it out in the morning and the camera pans out like on the season finale . we return to see andrea and michonne in the back of the suv governor is in with him saying the line from the trailer when they arrive in woodbury they are taken into the governors house where there blindfolds are removed and andrea is treated for a head wound by alice. andrea and michonne argue about leaving and the governor opens the doors and reveals woodbury. the show returns in the morning with rick and the group preparing to enter the prison. after killing a shit ton of walkers they make their way inside where they dispose of a few walkers. then commerical. we return to see michonne and andrea walking around and examining woodbury michonne visits the local drug store and disposes of some walkers with her katana and retrieves aspirin for andrea. meanwhile andrea and the governor talk about various subjects over a meal including her group and what happened. then michonne returns and is angered by andrea eating with him. and they leave the room. commercial. we return with the group deciding to clear out the rest of the prison then they make their way to the cafeteria killing walkers barge open the doors with manuel saying its about time.

thank you for reading this all comments are appreciated


now with this synopis i was thinking on some possible variations like

governor finds out about the other group from merle and he later questions andrea in order to confrm his suspicion

in addtion maybe we see the group find the armory e.g the trailer riot gear

also carol zombie kills and glenn maggie love

all opinions and other theories are appreciated