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Wants in the Comic

in the spirit of issue 100 i want to know what everyone wants to see in future issues of the walking dead.

personally i want to see

Flags- It seems none of the groups have a flag and it may seem insignifcant but i beleive a flag would make a group like woodbury that much more badass.

The addition of another rick right hand man- After the death of abraham rick is in need of another right hand man. i'm thinking dwight if he converts over to rick's group

More Rednecks- For people who have a lot of guns there sure aren't a lot of them left

Tv show characters- Everyone wants daryl

Farming- This seems a very logical move since many canned foods are expiring

old people- never see to many old people

making their own ammo-Eugene talked about manufacturing their own ammo

meeting the other two groups paul talked about

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