o.k so I just received my walking dead limited edition Blu ray in the mail. The statue in itself is sick as hell. But i digress.

My main reason for posting this blog is to talk about all the deleted scenes

On the dvd/blu ray whatever you buy there are deleted scenes from What Lies Ahead, Save the last one, Secrets, Pretty much dead already, Nebraska, Judge Jury Excutioner, better Angels, and Beside The Dying Fire.

Most of them come from What Lies Ahead

these mostly pertain to The whole vatos scene. These were cut because they didnt make the group look desperate enough.

They pretty much start with the group leaving the cdc and going back to the vatos to rest they find it overrun they kill a bunch and go inside eat potato chips daryl yells at sophia to stop crying. they eventually leave and thats where the edited version of this episode begins

Then next deleted scenes are from save the last one the first couple scenes are just alternate versions of scenes with minor changes. another scene is dale yelling at some religous guy on the radio.

Secrets is just daryl swimming and a shot of a cherokee rose

Pretty much dead already is just an edit of when glenn tells the group about the barn being full of walkers. The difference is that rick has like a flashback/forshadowing type thing with carl being shot and sophia going missing.

The rest of the scenes are small alternates/minor additions

Overall theres like 35 minutes of footage

oh and I found this


series regular to die via zombie please say hershel