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  • Dixon For Governor

    Okay so i was watching lost and a couple other shows recently and I was thinking about what actors I would like to see on the Walking Dead

    Henry ian Cusick

    Michael Bowen

    Terry O'Quinn

    Clancy Brown

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

    (all Lost actors )

    Sean patrick Flanery

    Michael Jai White - Tyreese

    Daniel Roebuck-Eugene

    Brian Turk-Abraham Ford


    Derek Lea-Chris The Hunters or Abraham Ford

    Hrthogar Matthews-Douglas Monroe

    Liev Shreiber-Negan

    Let me know what your guy's opinions and choices are

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  • Dixon For Governor

    Below is a link for a small teaser trailer for season 3


    Personally i think rick is opening a door in which he finds other prisoners axel dexter Etc because he hears a noise near the generator room (which i think that Room is)

    this fits with the rumor that only harold and manuel are in the cafeteria

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  • Dixon For Governor

    o.k so I just received my walking dead limited edition Blu ray in the mail. The statue in itself is sick as hell. But i digress.

    My main reason for posting this blog is to talk about all the deleted scenes

    On the dvd/blu ray whatever you buy there are deleted scenes from What Lies Ahead, Save the last one, Secrets, Pretty much dead already, Nebraska, Judge Jury Excutioner, better Angels, and Beside The Dying Fire.

    Most of them come from What Lies Ahead

    these mostly pertain to The whole vatos scene. These were cut because they didnt make the group look desperate enough.

    They pretty much start with the group leaving the cdc and going back to the vatos to rest they find it overrun they kill a bunch and go inside eat potato chips daryl yells at sop…

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  • Dixon For Governor

    Ok so for those of you who read the entertainment weekly article and for those of you that haven't they pretty much say merle will be a hero in season 3 for woodbury. so with this i was thinking what if merle is a replacement for caesar martinez

    reasons why

    he is probably well trusted by the governor

    he will be trusted by daryl and by rick (to a much lesser extent) so he will be able to convince whoever to follow him out of woodbury.

    after he gets presumably caught (depending if he is a replacement for Caesar) he will be able to be killed by daryl (who cements his loyalty to rick and also a god moment for a mid season finale) or joins rick's group via daryl's support

    I personally think they take the caesar route with merle except have him join …

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  • Dixon For Governor

    Okay so for anyone who has purchased or seen the part on the walking dead in the issue of entertainment weekly did you notice the pics of characters towards the side. I did and i was wondering ifanyone has a file of the hershel picture because it is much clearer. the same goes for other characters. the only reason i ask is because i havent seen it anywhere on this wiki or anywhere else for that matter. If anyone has the file of these pictures can you please upload them so hershel can have a decent pic.

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