This is an argument post regarding Andrea and Michonne.

Most of the time, people are griping about Andrea; "Oh my god, Andrea is so stupid", or "CAN SHE JUST DIE ALREADY?!" Not only do these comments aggravate me, but they are so closed-minded. Let me express my thoughts on the topic.

I'm not even going to go into the fact that Andrea desperately wanted a "normal" life in the apocalypse. That's understandable, but we aren't even going there. People are constantly saying, "Andrea chose the Governor over Michonne." Let's point out a few things.

1. Michonne left Andrea. Andrea did not leave Michonne.

2. Andrea chose safety over unncertainty (makes sense, right?)

3. By leaving, Michonne sets the wheels in motion and caused the chain of events that lead up to Woodbury's attack.

Point three is interesting because if Michonne would have stayed in Woodbury, Glenn and Maggie wouldn't have been captured, Oscar would have lived, and it wouldn't have started this feud between the prison and Woodbury. I'm not in any way saying this entire thing is Michonne's fault (because that would be ridiculous), but I am saying it caused more problems for everyone just because Michonne had a "bad feeling" about Woodbury.

I'm going to stop there. I completely understand Andrea's perspective and I wish other people would as well. Even though you may not like some of the choices she has made, her choices were realistic, thought-out, and reasonable. If some of you can't understand that, then I feel sorry for you. I'm Team Andrea and I approve this message.