aka Jon

  • I live in Wilmington, Delaware
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is Student/Aspirant Writer
  • I am Mail (joke)
  • DirkMcHardCheese

    Good morning, Walkers.

    My name is Jon, and I'd like to contribute my own, brilliant (sarcasm) series to the current onslaught of Walking Dead Fan-Fictions. I've never written Fan-Fiction before because I prefer to make my own characters, therefore this will most likely not feature any characters from the Walking Dead comics or TV Show. If it does, it will only be a brief reference or cameo. Instead, I will merely be borrowing the universe and the like from the series. If you want to read about Rick Grimes, Lori, Shane, and everyone else with one or two additional characters LEAVE now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to criticize as much as you want; I won't mind. Any questions about what happened and I will be glad to answer. I'm a fan…

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