WHEW!!! What a finale, eh? My sister and I were just glued to our seats. I agree with the poll--seeing the prison was the BEST part of it, Although it was all pretty kick-ass. I felt so bad for Herschal. Scott Wilson is an amazing actor and in one facial expression conveyed the anguish that Herschal was feeling for losing the last thing he had (ok besides his daughters). It also pissed me off how everyone was having a go at Rick. But anyway, this is all something for another blog post--this one is about Dave and Tony's group.

So, putting aside questions about whether they were with the Woodbury group (which is some great speculation, and you have to wonder) my question is: Do you think Randall led them to that area specifically because of Herschal and Maggie, and do you think there is some sort of backstory there? Nothing too obvious, otherwise Herschal would have commented on it. When I first saw the episode with Dave and Tony, I didn't think anything, because we had't met Randall yet. But when I watched the episode again (bless you AMC and your Walking Dead marathons. Oh--and bless not having to work Sunday.), after having seen the episodes with Randall, there seemed to be something more to Dave and Tony's behaviour. Like the comment "They're alive". I just wonder if they were specifically looking for Herschal and commenting that he was alive. It also seemed like they already knew where they were before they even "found out" about the farm. So I'm just wondering if Randall led them there specifically because he knew of the farm, maybe even knew of it's natual defenses. (I still haven't made up my mind if Randall was good or evil.{subjective terms, I know) I want to say good, because he was just a kid, and really, the group didn't really treat him well. They didn't give him a chance to prove himself.). Anyway, any thoughts?

Also: Robert Kirkman said there is a chance the either Morgan, Duane, or Merle will come back in Season 3. I am thinking Merle might be the one to chop off Rick's hand. (if they decide to go that route).

One more thing. This has to do with zombies, but it doesn't actually have to do with the Walking Dead. For those of you who have seen 28 Days Later, I have a question. Does it mention in the movie why they didn't just put the lab in some sort of lockdown to prevent the infection from spreading? I mean, the scientist saw what happened, he knew what the virus did, and he had time to lock the door and alert someone. Couldn't they have just locked them all inside and let them die? I'm always wondered that--surely, if the virus was as bad as the scientist said, they had some sort of plan. (Like at the CDC where fire destroyed the lab when Jenner knocked over that vial).