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Daryl's Progress part 2--CONTAINS SPOILERS

Hi, does anyone know how to delete a blog post? I meant to put a spoiler warning in the title, but forgot, but couldn't figure out how to to do it. Anyway.

I am really liking how Daryl is progressing throughout the series, and would definitely like to see more exploration of his relationships with the group. He and Carol are awesome together, although I don't know if a romantic relationship would be right for them. For Carol, yes. She deserves a decent man after all she's been through. But Daryl is very emotionally young, and I think Carol makes a better "mother" figure for him. I also think that, even though they are a similar age, Rick would be a great "father" figure for Daryl. *SPOILER ALERT* **See down below for last comment**

      • Especially now that Shane is going to die, I think it is now easier to explore other Rick's other relationships with other members of the group.****

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